Getting the most out of your fruit

Ready to pick some Haskap

Discover a few tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most our of your freshly picked fruit. Let’s make sure that none go to waste.


Sit on a small stool to pick the fruit. It’s just easier to see them and easier on your back. Be gentle when handling them because the skin is soft.

Keeping them fresh longer

When you get home, place them immediately in the fridge. Use a shallow container to store them in so they don’t pack down. They’re a little like raspberries – they can sweat and get soggy. We’ve found that they can stay firm in the fridge for at least 4 to 7 days.


Place them in the freezer in a shallow container. After about 3 days, they will be frozen. You can easily scoop them out because they don’t stick together.

Baking & preserving

Use your favorite recipes or find our recipe book and bake with haskaps. Just a warning – when you add them whole in baking, you need to handle them gently. They can make everything turn purple. They make excellent jams, jellies and preserves. You will have to experiment a little because there are very few recipes available. They also pair very well with other fruit.

Practical advice

Be careful. The juice leaves a purple stain that then turns to dark blue. It comes out with the help of Oxy, Shout It Out or diluted bleach.