Family Traditions
There is nothing sweeter.
It Starts with Haskaps
Leading the fruit pack with a nutritional punch.
Continues with Cherries
Within the wilds of the north.
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Our Specialty Products

Haskap Berries

This is a new and old plant that has been around in the wild of northern climates. That’s why it does so well in Temiskaming. It has been found in the wild of every province in Canada, except for British Columbia. The fruit program at the University of Saskatchewan has bred different varieties taken from plants in Japan and Russia. It’s taken close to twenty years to get good edible berries. We now have haskap varieties that are sweeter, juicier and easier to pick. Right here in north!


Cherries that can grow in Northern Ontario are from the Dwarf Sour Cherry family. The University of Saskatchewan’s fruit program has also bred a Romance Series of cherries. The orchard has three varieties: Juliet, Valentine and Cupid. They are certainly not a new fruit, but growing them in the north certainly is.

About Us

We dare to think big, work hard, and aren’t afraid of our grand dreams. But for all our ambitious goals, Arana Orchards is first and foremost inspired by love. It may sound a little clichéd, but that’s the honest truth.

Health & Recipes

Heart on the Haskaps
Reasons you should be eating Haskaps
Haskap berries have the highest antioxidant levels among berries at 21,647. They also have one of the highest amount of Vitamin A found in fruits, with 60% of your daily values.
Smiles and Haskaps go hand in hand
The truth about Haskaps
Haskap is the Japanese name given to the edible blue honeysuckle fruit plant native to boreal forests. The name means “berry of long life and good vision”.
Verger du Terroir orchard
Located in New Liskeard, Ontario
The orchard has approximately 20,000 haskap plants and 5,000 cherry bushes. Both fruits have varieties that are suited to our northern climate and are cross-pollinating plants.
Sweet Haskap jelly
A quick dessert
Sometimes you need a little sweetness after a meal, or you may be craving that evening treat. Put haskap berries on everything!
Haskap Smoothies
Drink your Haskaps
Sometimes you only want a healthy drink. Replace a meal with healthy, nutritious smoothie or juice.
Haskap yogurt parfait
A special breakfast
Make a decadent and healthy choice with haskap yogurt parfaits and homemade waffles.

Arana U-Pick

Talk about farm-to-table! Our Arana U-Pick allows customers to harvest their own basket of haskaps from our 25-acre orchard, located in New Liskeard, Ontario. And we are happy to confirm what we always knew. Northerners are just the best and most adventurous people in the world. Most of you had never heard of haskaps, and you certainly had never tasted them. Yet, you came to the orchard and picked baskets upon baskets of them. You tried the recipes we presented and you came back for more!

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