About Us

The Founders

We are Verger du Terroir. It may seem a little unusual, but this is our retirement project. A few years ago, we sold our business but realized that we were still not ready to hang up the skates. So, we decided to start something new in agriculture. We believe that our region is prosperous and it has the ability to sustain niche industries. We are once again proving this to be true. But what’s most important for us is that we are creating a legacy for future generations. Something that started small, has become a commercial operation.

We know it’s hard work, but it’s also fun and fulfilling to see something come to life. As long as we can, we will continue to contribute.

Yvan & Louise

Our Story

Welcome to Arana Orchards, nestled on the edge of Temiskaming Shores in Northern Ontario, where we dedicate our efforts to cultivating the finest haskap berries and some sour cherries. Our commitment to sustainability and local engagement shines through in our farming practices, bringing a unique blend of passion, experience, and love for the land to our orchard.

Love of Agriculture

Agriculture is simply in our blood. For generations, our family have been passionate about growing in Ontario. Although other industries and careers have been pursued, the lure of the land remains strong. Establishing a high-value commercial haskap and cherry orchard can once again make the family farm a reality.

Love of Family

The name of Arana Orchards is derived from the amalgamation of Leo’s, the current owner’s, parents, Arnold and Johanna. Coming from an agricultural background and a passion for giving back to the community, Leo wanted to pay homage to his parents, who taught him the importance of hard work and an appreciation for the land.

Love of Healthy Food

Like you, we love good, healthy food with no added chemicals. Haskaps and cherries are delicious, but the best part about them is that they are so good for you. This convinced us to grow this fruit. Haskaps have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in any food – it’s truly a superfruit! Tart cherries can improve endurance and sleep, as well as reduce inflammation. We are grateful that we can bring wholesome and yummy fruit to market while improving and maintaining health!

Love of the North

Surrounded by lakes, rivers, forests, clean air, and magical seasons, Arana Orchards is surrounded by people living fulfilling lives. There is no place like it. Growing fruit here seemed impossible until the previous owners Yvan & Louise mastered it. Haskaps and cherries are northern-friendly and grow just fine. They are locally grown with value-added products that are being produced locally.

The Orchard

Arana Orchards is a 32-acre commercial haskap and cherry orchard in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario. This Northern Ontario town is a traditional farming hub consisting of beef, dairy, grain/oil seed, and hay production. Our fruit orchard is an innovative commercial agricultural opportunity for the north.

In 2015, the previous owners planted test plots to identify factors that impact growth: nutritional requirements, weed control, and soil amendments. A comprehensive irrigation system was also installed for water and plants. Predator-proofing fencing and bird controls now protect this high-value crop.

Now, Arana Orchards consists of 20,000 haskap plants, and 4,000 cherry trees that continue to grow, creating a unique product that still follows the traditional farming spirit of the area.

Haskap production is currently being singled out as an emerging market because of its exceptional nutritional properties and super high levels of antioxidants. The berries can be eaten fresh, frozen, or processed into value-added products. The planted cherries haskaps were bred by the University of Saskatchewan to vigorously grow in Northern climates. And in fact can withstand a hard killing frost during flowering. The cherries provide an alternate, yet complementary, fruit production to the northern climate.

At Arana Orchards, we take pride in continuing to provide top-quality haskap berries & sour cherries. Our commitment to quality is about the product and fostering a strong, sustainable connection with our community.

Questions & Answers

ARANA: Arnold and Johanna.
Arana Orchards is named by combining the names of Leo’s parents, Arnold and Johanna. With a rich agricultural background and a deep passion for community service, Leo chose this name to honour his parents, who instilled in him the values of hard work and a profound appreciation for the land and to continue that legacy for generations to come.

Leo Losereit was born, raised, and worked on the family farm and area farms throughout his life. Being raised as an Ontario farmer taught Leo the importance of community and the land that gives back to you. While other career pursuits took hold, he still held strong to those tenets, always keeping a vested interest in his hometown and the current trends within the agricultural industry. It came at an agricultural event where the haskap plant was presented as the new superfruit suitable for growing in Northern Ontario. The dream had taken root.

The haskap berry, also known as the honeyberry, is an edible blue honeysuckle, native to northern hemisphere countries including Canada, Japan and Russia. In fact, haskaps in Japan are revered to be the “berry of long life”. It only made sense in a time where society embraces local foods that are safe and super nutritious that we continue growing this berry for everyone to enjoy.

Sour Cherries are truly a winner if you want to store them all year long – and who wouldn’t! With less sugar than sweet cherries, their high acidity brings a bright, unique flavour while their sugars will concentrate as you cook them. Once cooked, they’ll taste sweeter. Best time for picking is when it has a deep red colour.

The season is nearly upon us, so check our website for updates on when you can start harvesting your own delicious cherries.