The truth about Haskaps

Smiles and Haskaps go hand in hand

Haskap is the Japanese name given to the edible blue honeysuckle fruit plant native to boreal forests. The name means berry of long life and good vision.

Where do they come from?

It’s a new plant and also an old one that’s been around in the wild in northern climates. That’s why it does so well in Temiskaming. It has been found in every province in Canada except for British Columbia. The fruit program from the University of Saskatchewan bred Canadian varieties using plants from Japan and Russia. It’s taken about 20 years to get good edible berries. We now have haskap varieties that are sweeter, juicier and easier to pick.

What do they taste like?

Many describe the taste of the haskap berry as a perfect blending of the blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. It has a deeper berry taste than other soft fruit. It is bold and sweet. The seeds are so tiny that they can’t get stuck in your teeth. Its soft powdery blue skin and refreshing purplish-red flesh just melts on your mouth. Varieties have a different flavour profile. Some a little sweeter, some a little sharper. You decide which one you prefer.